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Many answers when I ask, "Which song is your favorite in DJMAX?" zts, the artist of 'White blue' !

It has been 10 years since DJMAX Portable.  'zts' sent his new songs in TECHNIKA Q and RESPECT all the way from Japan.

His new song, 'liar' is a Techno-trance music which shows the trance style of zts.  Impact of sound bursts out from the start then calms us down for about 30 seconds, then the sound bursts again.  

Also, 'White blue' which many fans call it 'masterpiece', 'life song' and 'favorite of all time', shows bright emotion little bit different from 'liar'.  It proceeds with bright and quick rhythm and then turns around with oriental melody lines.  Organization of the music delivers a deep resonance to many people.  'White blue' is the song that the writer became the fan of DJMAX, and it is the favorite song of CEO of NEOWIZ.

The genre 'Trance' originated from repeated beats and synthesized melody making listeners into trance status.  From his songs, we can understand how the origin came from.  Strong repeated beats to rush our hearts and sudden calm melody lines to rest our breath, then ending with impactful beats that make us fly far way. 

The reason why zts started music producing is Rhythm Game.  In the interview, he mentioned thanks to DJMAX and NEOWIZ and without them, he never imagined that he would actually produce music.  He also mentioned thanks to the fans who love his music as they are.  If fans can be happy and satisfied playing his music, it would make him feel well.

Listening to his music when I feel tired and exhausted, makes me very happy and satisfied.  Even at this moment, I am listening 'White blue' and I feel the same happy and exciting emotion as the first time I heard the song.

I hope all of you would feel the same when listening to his song, and I applaud zts for his future music works, which will make our ears happy and proud.



White Blue

2007. DJMAX Portable2

Plastic Method

2007. DJMAX Portable2