DJMAX Series, TAPSONIC Series

 NEOWIZ Studio LAY-BACK Sound designer

Storytelling artist with music of bright and warm emotion. Let's get into his stories.

'This time, like dream

maybe a moment that will disappear,

in your warmth that I have drawn countlessly,

wish this dawn to be forever.'

Above is a part of ned's 'Starlight Garden' in TECHNIKA Q.  It's a song that gave a shock to many rhythm game fans with lyrical and warm lyrics as well as the melody lines following the mood.  This music creates a warm and bright atmosphere, but actually the music's motivation was 'Two Love Stars', Korea's tragic tale.

The tale's Gyun-woo and Jhik-nyu are in love, but they can only see each other once a year on the bridge over milky way.  It's a tale about their sad story of being apart after the short reunion.  'wish this dawn to be forever' in the lyric expresses feeling of the couple do not wishing to be apart, and 'Starlight Garden' is symbol of the bridge, the only place they can be together.  Feeling of wishing to see each other and sadness of being apart from loved one are all expressed in the song's lyric.  

His new song 'Shadow Flower' in DJMAX RESPECT is also motivated by tale of Mang-bu Stone.  The song is filled with tragic melody lines and words.  This tale is about a wife turning into a stone, waiting for her husband to come back.  Meaning behind the title of the song maybe expressing the love that lasts forever like the shadow created under the sun and the moon even though the woman's actual existance cannot be seen anymore.

'ned' often likes hopeful and cute style music, and he felt really hard when he was first asked to compose a 'sad song'.  The feeling of sadness was quite impossible to express simply with instruements, so he tried to add that absence of emotion with lyrics.  He mentioned that he was very satisfied by Visual Artist Tari's BGA and said BGA successfully portraited the sadness in a very unique way.

You can play 'Shadow Flower' and 'Armored Phantom' in DJMAX RESPECT and 'Starlight Garden' in DJMAX TECHNIKA Q.  ned also participated TECHNIKA Q's 'Love☆panic' as a lyricist.  'Armored Phantom' is an arranged ment Stage 4 Boss BGM roof song and you can feel different and tough mood from ned's usual emotional style.  Well, it's his another charming point.There are stories in ned's music works.  The emotion reaches even deeper when knowing the stories within.  I expect the same in his new songs that will come in the future.  If you hope your stories or any other stories to come out as an art of music, how about start writing and send the stories to ned?

Starting from fan of DJMAX, he said it is amazing to work as an aritist of DJMAX.  He wishes to send his hopes of DJMAX making its step to the top starting with RESPECT as well as newly coming TAPSONIC.  He ended this interview saying he will always be the composer and lyricist to give fans satisfying music.  When this artcle gets to show up, we may hear his new song in TAPSONIC.  I hope him to keep up as an artist to create beautiful and emotional music as he always have been.



Armored Phantom


별빛정원 (Starlight garden)


Shadow Flower