The legendary idol of TAPSONIC TOP

vocalist LENA'S first mini album released!

<1st LENA's Mini Album cover>
<1st LENA's Mini Album cover>

   The legendary idol of TAPSONIC TOP,  vocalist LENA's first mini album has been released!

   On May 29th of 2018, LENA, who has been loved by many fans even before the release of TAPSONIC TOP, had her first mini album released. It has been released globally on music streaming sites such as Bugs(Korea), Melon(Korea), Naver music(Korea), qq music (China), Apple music, Google Play Music, Line Music(Japan), and many more. 

   LENA’s first mini album consists of two songs, [Tok! Tok! Tok!](title) and [LENA Revolution], plus the instrumental version of [Tok! Tok! Tok!]. 

   [ToK! Tok! Tok!] is a song that LENA’s bright voice stirs up our hearts. It’s a song where LENA shyly confesses her crush on the one she loves. It flutters anyone who listens to this song.

(Who will be able to reject her cute confession?)

   [LENA Revolution] was produced by DJMAX song producer ‘DINY’. This song allows us to be mesmerized by the brave love confession LENA makes. 

It’s truly amazing and a ‘revolution’.

   There is a promotion video of LENA’s first mini album, which has exclusive images of LENA that haven’t been seen before. You can enjoy the highlight of the song [Tok! Tok! Tok!] with it. It’s expected to give LENA’s fans an incredible joy and happiness. The video editor is also a fan of LENA, so she had created the video in love for LENA. If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch :

Did you enjoy the cuteness and refreshing voice of LENA?


   The manager who had organized this mini album was infatuated and stirred up by the universal, lovable charm of LENA. He had told us that he will be preparing her second album with his best.

"I'll be looking forward to universally-loved LENA's next album !"

- Editor HeeD -