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 bermei.inazawa "berpop ensembles" / Campanella

 bermei.inazawa "Chords / bermei.inazawa collection" / Victor Entertainment

' Making music is always difficult. What should I do? '

When the new song ' Quixotic ' was introduced in DJMAX Official, ' many fans cheered loudly and shouted, "Mr. Bermey!!" 

With 'Quixotic' and 'Royal Crown', he rejoined DJMAX. 'Quixotic' captivates our ears in the start and as the song continues, we can feel bermei.inazawa's dynamic sounds. After listening to the song, one can easily fall into the illusion of being in an unknown space. 

The meaning of the title "Don Quixote style, fabulous, fantasy and non-realistic" is literally tuned in the song.

'Royal Crown' seemed to have a series of plays and musicals in my ears. The sound of musical instrument is telling stories of the song through out, as if listener tells stories of music and plays as a music director. It is also said that many fans feel freshthat listening to these genres can be heard in rhythm games.

I want to introduce other songs that were included in the other series. 'Melody', loved by DJMAX fans, has been arranged as Cupte Pop for the DJMAX Metro Project. Although the original music was composed of the medium tempo, the song he recreated 'Urbatronic Chopsticks' with a high tempo and reggae style that gives enjoyable and fresh feelings. 'Cozy Quilt' in DJMAX TECHNIKA 2

His colorful music colors were completed through his long history with music.Bermei has worked in the music scene since she was in high school, and in 2000, he formed a studio Campanella and been in various musical activities. In addition to the rhythm games, he composed ending theme of TV drama "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni"(Vアニメ"ひぐらしのなく頃に解"EDテーマ), TV animation "時間の支配者", "世界征服せかいせいふく ~謀略ぼうりゃくのズヴィズダー~".  In August, 2017, he released his mini album, 'berpop ensembles'.

As I first talked to him for introducing artists, I could feel warmth in every single phrase. Both of us loved the cat, so it was more like it. If you are curious about his music story that is missed in this article, go straight to his Twitter right now. Through the space, we will be able to learn more about his music.

Royal Crown