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 NEOWIZ Artist, Producer

“Beloved fans are why DJMAX and TAPSONIC exists."

He felt a little shy all along the interviews and photo take.  Unlike his activeness shown in DJMAX TECHNIKA Q Live Stream, whenever I tried to reach him to talk about music, he is shy and modest.  We had interview while he was on his new songs, and he seemed worried that there's not enough time to work on the music because of game producing.  Also, he seemed nervous since he has not been had a new song for a while.

Unlike his shyness on music, his songs were loved by many fans.  'Xeus' and 'Thor' were motivated by the mythological 'gods' and they have been very loved by many fans.  If you search YouTube, you can see videos of fans from music sheets to cover songs that you can't even count.  Thinking as an artist, there would not be moment that gets you more sentiment than seeing fans creating cover music of the works.  In those creations, there must be unlimited love as fans of music.  These two songs have large number of fans' piano covers and XeoN praised a lot of those covers feel even better than the original.

When he was actually composing 'Xeus', it used intro part of 'Thor' so felt very different from the present 'Xeus'.  Within the sound team, there were a few disappointing reviews, and he was wondering what to do.  One day, while drinking with 'AstroKid', a great idea came out then he ran back to his office and started working until next morning.  Similar with the title, he suddenly thought about 'Zeus' which he talked with fans just for fun, then he made its connection with his name XeoN, thus, 'Xeus' was there.  There are many stories of artists with sudden ideas then masterpiece coming out, and 'Xeus' was one of them.  The song was created in less than a day and it is still loved by fans today.

Now let's talk about 'Watch Your Step'.  This song was motivated from 'STAY' in EZ2DJ.  He thought DJMAX could have a music of similar emotion, then he started to compose the song.  He first wanted to include this track in DJMAX, then TAPSONIC(2011) asked him to add in the game, so this song came out as new song for TAPSONIC.  Then, the music is included in TECHNIKA Q where he participated as a developer.

Fans' favorite songs of XeoN could be the 3 songs that I have introduced, but his own favorite is 'Renovation'.  He said he was very happy after being offered a song for promotion BGM of Portable 3 and was highly motivated.  Also, it was made so quickly that he couldn't even believe.

Recently, XeoN communicated with fans with news of him preparing new songs in TECHNIKA Q Live Stream.  He also made his fans expectation higher by telling them he is developing TAPSONIC TOP as the leader of ARES team.  If he write a song again, he mentioned he wanted it to be added on TECHNIKA Q first, but he cannot stop worrying because the genre of the song is similar to POP.  Well, I believe fans will love the news of his return, wherever he is in charge of.

He is also rhythm game maniac and have deep love for DJMAX since he started as a DJMAX fanboy.  10 years since he joined with DJMAX.  He mentioned he will always be the communicating developer to create better game.





Chemical Slave


Watch Your Step




Dream of Winds


Eternal Fantasy~유니의 꿈~