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To me, music is, "To give colors to everything related"

Open your eyes,

Open up the clear blue sky
I'll be there

When you think about 'Tsukasa', immediately this track comes out. Track that have been loved for long time by DJMAX fans.
I like to start this article with the lyrics of track that the artist 'Tsukasa' personally loves the most, 'The Clear Blue Sky'.

This artist named 'Tsukasa' has been with DJMAX for long time and created countless masterpieces.  The name is no longer unfamiliar to DJMAX fans.

He has been close with Piano ever since he was a child and he first experienced DTM in high school.  He started composing works on his college years.  His tracks were loved with saying, 'There are people who never listened his song, but no one have listened only once.' and he has been known to Korean fans since 2004, adding his track in DJMAX Online. After that, through DJMAX RESPECT on 2017 to TAPSONIC TOP on 2018, the love of fans towards Tsukasa has been constant.

He has shown great quality of tracks in various genres.  Sometimes he makes fans excited with speedy tracks such as 'Chain of Gravity', 'Grid System', 'Colours of Sorrow' and 'Dark Prism', then other times, he have shown different emotions with Pop and House Genre through tracks such as 'The Clear Blue Sky', 'In My Heart' and 'Over The Rainbow'.

Myself also has been deeply into 'Dark Prism' and 'The Clear Blue Sky' and still have some special love towards these tracks.

Recently he has been loved by many fans with 'Let up' which was included in TAPSONIC TOP.  He said that he added optimistic message of "hoping for the better world, not scared of failure and pushing for the challenge again". 

When listening to this track, it feels like strong energy has been coming out with powerful vocal and fast beat, but in other side, it feels beautiful and the emotion of confidence and courage comes out.

If you need rest because of the busy everyday life, I recommend you to get these optimistic emotions through Tsukasa's 'Let up'.
Lastly, I thank him for giving us such happiness and sentimentality through his long participation and tracks, and I hope him to be with us in the future again.

Thanks to DJMAX, my songs have been heard all over the world.  I'll be producing more great songs, so I'd like to ask you guys for your continuous love and support! Thank you.

(2018.06.28 MUCA interview - Tsukasa)

The Clear Blue Sky

2008. DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition

In My Heart

2008. DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition

Grid System

2004. DJMAX Online

Binary World


Grave Consequence

2004. DJMAX Online


2008. DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition

Over The Rainbow


Silent Clarity


Colours Of Sorrow

2008. DJMAX Portable Black Square

Dark Prism


Let up