4 New Stars released!

Horyeon, Girl Wing, Dorothy, Arwen 

in order from left to right

Star interview



 Q. How do you feel about coming out to 


- Hello... I.. actually just wanted to hide from

everyone else but.. I  was caught by the

keeper of the Sharpiny's shrine so..

Since I can't hide anymore, I'm glad that 

I have a chance to make myself known now.

 Q. Don't people say you look very young? 

- Yes, they do! I hear it a lot actually.. 

I still feel like a girl but.. I'm already 583

years old.. I swear I was just 500 yesterday! 

 Q. What is your favorite food? 

- I'm a meat lover. I like my meat rare, 

and I especially love a very unique part.. 

a liver. People think it's gross but they'll

love it  once they try it. I feel much better

and happy when I eat it so..

 Q. You have a unique fox next to you! 

- Yeap! It's very difficult to find a fox with

nine tails even if you search for one in the

entire universe! He follows me everywhere 

I go. He's my best friend.



 Q. Please introduce yourself. 

- Hello, my name is Arwen, a 'Druid' among 

the 'High Elves'. I'm an elf who loves music

and nature. (smiles)

 Q. What's your interest? 

- My huge interest is in protecting the 

nature. It hurts me so much when I see the

humans and their machines destroying the

nature. I feel pity for them since it seems

like they're unaware of the beauty of the 

nature. My interest and my goal is to 

educate them about the preciousness and

beauty of the nature, so we'll be able to

reduce the wastes and pollution, protecting

and making this universe a better place to live!!            ....wait, was I too loud?

 Q. What's your hobby? 

- My hobby is to play pleasant music for 

the nature with my handmade grass flute. 

Haha. The grass flute is made with.. can you

see my head over here? Us 'Druids' have 

grass, leaves, branches growing out from

our bodies. Since we have an easy access

to the ingredients for the grass flute, we 

can make and play it any time we want.

If you would like to listen, I'll play it for you

anytime! Nature's music is always beautiful!



 Q. Hello my queen. It took us forever to 

find you..(tears) How have you been? 

- Oh, I thought I disguised myself perfectly..

I guess not.. How did you find out where

I was? Did Hunk tell you that?

Well.... I... actually am still looking for the

god of music 'Xeon'... It's so difficult to find

him really... I'm thankful that Hickery and

Hunk are with me! (chuckles)

 Q. Why are you trying to find the god of 

music 'Xeon'? 

- I really need to confirm something and

I have something to ask him once I find

him. I can't tell you more in detail -

it's very classified...

 Q. There are many people from Unjoy

area waiting for you to come back. 

Do you have any plans on coming back? 

- Hmm? Well... so....... first.... 

There's money still left for us to spend...

and we still haven't accomplished our 

mission to find the god of music 'Xeon'...

and since we have more things to do left...

I can't go back right now... but,

one day, I will go back for sure!

Girl Wing


 Q. You have a remarkably red hair. Is there

a special reason for it? 

- Aren't you supposed to greet first...??

We've never met.. how rude.

Well, people ask me all the time about my

hair. Do you know about the Pirate Queen 

Grace O'Malley?  She has been my idol

ever since I was young. This hair is a symbol

of her. My agency doesn't like my red hair

but I'll never give it up.

 Q. Wow.. There was a meaning to it.

Do you want to become someone like

Grace O'Malley?  

- You're good. I do want to become 

someone like her, a great pirate!

After the Western Europe has been

reunified, it was difficult to dream 

about becoming a pirate due to security

issues. However, I met up with Okid the

other day and he reminded me of my

old dream again.

 Q. Okid? Who is he? 

- Ah, Okid... I've met him when I was going

around performing. I still remember the

day we've met for the first time.

I felt like I was catching up with an old

friend, when it was actually my first time

talking with him. I think we have something

in common. He's currently taking a break,

staying at a station. He told me of 

wonderful things he saw as he was traveling

around the space. I couldn't forget it.

- Editor JLK -