TAPSONIC TOP 1st Official Album


■ Introduce

NEOWIZ rhythm action game, TAPSONIC TOP’s original tracks have been released with title track, “Comet (feat. HIGHTEEN)” with album, “1st GRAND PRIX”.

Album’s Producer, Mycin.T has commented that, “I have prepared this album, reminding people who wanted these tracks on digital streaming services.  Now I feel really happy that these tracks can reach our fans even closer.  Also, Mycin.T has added his message that this album and this moment may send happiness like twinkling sunshine and dreams to everyone.

On this album shows plenty of volumes with artists who are already loved through DJMAX series, including ND Lee, Tsukasa, and Studio LAY-BACK’s Mycin.T, ned, GOTH, jam-jam.

 Album includes Producer Mycin.T’s tracks, ‘Comet’, ‘Loving U’, from MUCA CONCERT from March, 2018 as well as ned’s ‘Saturday’ showing the cuteness of teenage girl, GOTH’s ‘Space Corridor’ displaying the big galaxy, jam-jam’s fresh debut track as composer, ‘twinkle STAR’, ND Lee’s stylish punk track ‘The Party’ and Tsukasa’s ‘Let up’ which contains message of hope.


Space Corridor
Composed by GOTH

Future House genre base, displaying TAPSONIC TOP’s world set, the galaxy by rapid change of progress.

Comet(feat. HIGHTEEN)

Composed by Mycin.T

First written on 2010.  It took 8 years for this track to be shown to the world.

This track contains Mycin.T’s mindset of when he wrote this song and lyrics, ‘You’, ‘We’ means ‘Listener’ and ‘Music’.

Chorus’s ‘Even if we can’t see shiny shiny tomorrow, please be with me on this tiny moment’ is a message of Mycin.T, asking listeners to wait, until he can be ready as a composer.  Comet holds an honest feeling towards listeners and music.

twinkle STAR
Composed by jam-jam

A girl’s crush.  He has shown interest in her, and this is a song she drew about a dreamy first date with him.  Let’s get into her heart-beating fantasy!

Loving U (feat. HIGHTEEN)

Composed by Mycin.T

Song about a girl who fell in love, wanting to step closer and share her feelings.

Rhythmical kick and brass leads this track to be bright and cheerful.

Composed by ned

Song illustrating tired, modern people waiting day to day for favorite artist’s concert date. Song wrote hoping one can be passionate through hearing this song.

The Party
Composed by ND Lee

Funky groove, disco fun rhythm!

Feel ND Lee’s trendy music world.

Let up
Composed by Tsukasa

Track filled with color of Tsukasa.

Art Core track where delicate beauty harmonizes with fast beat.

Comet (inst.)
Composed by Mycin.T

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