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Dynamic play style, Star training system and variety of music!

Experience a whole new rhythm game that you've never seen before!

You can literaly 'feel the rhythm' with the fantastic lines that change accoring to the rhythm.

Become the best producer with 'LENA'


Blood: Secret

Age: Secret

AA support manager, always standing by the producer offering help.A complete workaholic, she loves to work and does nothing else.Smiling all the time, consider the job well done!Rumor is that she is also avery good singer.


Blood type : O

Age : 16

A sub-vocal and dancer of the newbe girl group 'HanaduSena' barely known.She once dreamed of becoming a touching ballad singer but her vocal ability was not progressing...After mastering her dances she got to debut as a sub-vocal and dancer!

Her vocal part is less than 5sec. but with outstanding dances she is starting to build up popularity.She is heading towards the top crying out 'a better tomorrow!'


Blood type : AB

Age : 19

A huge fan of 'Comsmo Titan, the space pirate' a popular drama being aired in the galaxy.  She is an extraordinary highschool girl who always repeats the famous line from the drama 'this galaxy will soon be mine!'

Her outfit is also the costume that the hero 'Titan' is wearing.  She wants to become a space pirate.No one can ever stop her...


Blood type : A

Age : 19

A born Super-Star with innocent look and refreshing voice!

She is also warm-hearted.

Wants to share love and hope to the cosmic orphans, continously donating and volunteering to help them.


Blood type : O

Age : 19

A top of the class, model student at the prestige arts high school 'Celestina'.Caplable of playing 8 different instruments, keyboard is her best.

Although she is the hallmark of a model student, she keeps one secret!

She is a glutton and eats like a horse.

Her bag is always filled with the famous cosmic snack 'jjamanco', and there is only one person who knows that.