TECHNIKA2 DLC behind stories

DJMAX RESPECT production team interview

Art Director

Is there any special moment working for this DLC?

- When NB RED said, “let’s make TECHNIKA pattern slide note!”, and we, including me, laughed and told him off.  It was really memorable that he actually made that system in.  We couldn’t stop his strong will.

Was there any difficulties on getting ready for this DLC?

-  Back when we created TECHNIKA2 resources, I and Z_B made them together. But this time, it was just me working on UI skin resources.  It was difficult.


You said this DLC means something special. Why?

- I came to the team on TECHNIKA2 Project as intern, and became the official member afterwards.

I started QA as intern and widened the range of work to pattern renewal, system changes then after TECHNIKA 2 was completed, I was transferred to actual member.

I guess this is project that made me today. (smile)

Is there any reason that you chose D2 as the gear and note skin?

-  We discussed a lot, but D2 was the first to come up when thinking about TECHNIKA2.

We thought the track and its presence was kind of.. hot, so we got on with it.

Was there any difficulties while developing?

- It always happens when we start on DLC, but this TECHNIKA2 really had no UI design and related resources compared to other project.

Thankfully, the original designer of TECHNIKA2(CUCUMBER STUDIO) helped us and it made a big progress.  Thank you so much.

NB Ranger RED
Game Designer

This DLC also has many features that make us to think of the original TECHNIKA2. Is there any feature that you cared most?
-  I pick TECHNIKA Mission Mode (TB) that you can newly enjoy as missions. D2 was the representing track and the boss track of TECHNIKA2, but it’s difficulty was not satisfactory(?) in RESPECT, so we tried to show it’s dignity on TB.
There’s 2 versions of D2 in TB, and you can feel the dignity of D2 if you maximize fever while playing.

How are the difficulties on this DLC?

- With difficulty of collecting trophies and completing missions, it is harder and CE but easier than DMT.
I like collecting trophies myself, so I tried the fans to collect 100% of TECHNIKA2 DLC easily but I failed. Cheer up and get those trophies please!

B.Person & BJLee

The original TECHNIKA2’s colorful style really came on this DLC as well, was there any difficulties on working so?


What we focus on is maximizing the original taste of the series from the past for DLC projects,

So we always work and consider how much we can actually reproduce the original atmosphere.

Original TECHNIKA2’s characteristic was the colorful style so we discussed and thought a lot about how we can show that characteristic.

Is there any particular part that you cared while working design?

We tried to give fans experience of playing TECHNIKA2 with the home consol.
You will be able to feel the memory of TECHNIKA2 you enjoyed in the arcade.

There was a big concern after we chose D2 theme for creating TECHNIKA2 DLC’s gear and notes.
We thought the track’s atmosphere is fitting well with the dot images so we create the dot image with medicine. I am personally satisfied because it looks fun and fits the track as well.