JAPAN  Gabber, Hardcore

 DJMAX Series


 Super Sweep Composer, GAME Composer

DJMAX's top hardcore gabber sound artist

Japanese game music composer working as freelancer in Super Sweep.  Started working with DJMAX since TECHNIKA series.  He as working with name 'Hosoe shinji' when he first joined DJMAX with 'Son of Sun' and 'XLASHER', and working under the name 'Sampling Masters MEGA' ever since.

Starting with one of DJMAX Metro Project's 'Son of Sun', he showed his music style with 'XLASHER' and 'Bamboo on Bamboo'. He also showed his presence in latest DJMAX RESPECT with new song, 'Mulch'.

Among his works, 'Son of Sun' is most loved by DJMAX fans.  This long was listed as one of the hardest difficulty songs with over 200 BPM and Gabber genre.  Added primitive tribe tone in original gabber to make fans to feel his unique style.  Lyric of the song is combination of foreign language, and he mentioned he organized the lyrics so fans can enjoy the connotation more than the meaning of words.

You can find different colors of music that he composes in other songs.  'XLASHER' from DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 has POP style tones and Yoshida's vocal emphasizes the atmosphere of his music.  "Let's move into action with firm belief!  Fight off the urge to scream and flee!"  Just listening to the lyric, you can feel the passion of the music within.  This song was also added in TAPSONIC Extended Mix (2011). 

Mulch in DJMAX RESPECT is also Gabber genre and you can enjoy the sample style of Sampling Masters Mega.  Illustration of BGA feels like it is following the footstep of 'Son of Sun', and fans mentioned the love for this song with reviews saying it is sequel of 'Son of Sun'.

Sampling Masters MEGA has its own strong maniac fandoms in DJMAX.  He wanted to send message to the fans about his conviction to keep show Gabber music.  We also should be prepared to join magic of his strong beat and colors before its too late.

Son of Sun




Bamboo on Bamboo