South KOREA  House (Electro, Disco), Trance, DnB, DeepTechno, Media Arts

 DJMAX Series


 Producer of electronica & DJ & music director, act as art media artist

I don't even know what day is today. Neither about the date. I just do music.

There are songs that when you hear in DJMAX, you instantly know the composer.  It's Paul Bazooka.  His world and colors of music is directly in his works. 

Relationship between Paul Bazooka and DJMAX began with 'The One' in DJMAX Trilogy (2008).  He kept on creating his fandom though out TECHNIKA and Portable series.  He announced remixes of various songs including 'NB Ranger Nonstop Remix', which were loved by many fans of DJMAX.  Music works that represents him within DJMAX are 'SigNalize', 'OrBiTal', and 'Debora'.  In recent project, 'RESPECT', he added 'Don't Die', 'Kung Brother' and 'We're All Gonna Die'.  

Some of fans felt the fear and tone of boss level difficulty when listened to 'We're All Gonna Die', goa trance style that DJMAX has never shown before.

Within his catalog, what I'd like to introduce in this interview is 'Don't Die'.  The song was written to commemorate the memory of the DJMAX fan who died sadly.  Even though he never met the fan before, his music contains his sadness about the enthusiastic fan so this song comes to us more dramatically.  The title 'Don't Die' and the rhythmical atmosphere is meant to convey a message, let's live more lively.

His milestones matches his comment saying about music.  As the first-generation electronic musician of Korea, he announced album 'E.F.O', electronic album in 2003.  Then he went on to work with Lee Tak, producer of 'Tak and Joon' and 'You In Vague Memory' and announced Bazooka's 1st regular album 'who cares'.  

Since creating his own music background with nihilism ideology and metaphysical philosophy in 2007, he showed the world his unique color of music with his 3rd album, 'why dark'(2011).  He also made a debut as a music director in charge of opening music and BGM in 2010 F1 Korea Grand Prix's "Grand Open Festa".  

Looking throughout his music career, I feel that it is passion and tenacity about music that created current Paul Bazooka.  I hope more fans get attached to his unique color of music.  

We're All Gonna die


Kung Brother


Don't Die