South KOREA  ROCK, POP | Guitar

 TAPSONIC Series, DJMAX Series

 2004' 'band' T.O '(Tio) [Another Music world] (title track' footprint') Lead guitarist, composer DEBUT

 2010' ''NOVASONIC'' Lead guitarist and composer

 2013' ''NieN'' [The First Hope] Solo Album

 2017' Band "My Sunset" Leader, Guitarist

Composer, lyricist, vocalist, guitarist, producer. He can do them all.

NieN is artist who participated DJMAX for over 10 years with quality songs that made fans' heart beat.  He added 3 new songs in DJMAX RESPECT. 

When his song is introduced in DJMAX Official Facebook, fans say, 'Trust, Listen, NieN'.  Actually there are fans who said they purchased DJMAX RESPECT for NieN's new work, 'Only For you'.  He started composing 'Only for you' thinking about melodic pop style, and he mentioned in his own Facebook page that he tried to make a song pretty.

Also 'Remains of Doom' takes a brand new part in DJMAX R.O.D series that NieN worked as a composer, lyricist and vocalist.  In 'NB Ranger - Virgin force'. he added taste of 90's super heroes, with Hard Rock concept.  He used NB Power's melody to share the thick scent of NB Rangers to fans.

Aside from rhythm games, he is active producer in other fields as well.  Starting with Band 'T.O', he was a guitarist of 'Nova Sonic', and currently become a member of his own band, 'My Sunset'.  'My Sunset' announced their first mini album, 'The First Hope' in 2013, and NieN also composed/wrote lyrics/edited K-POP star John Park's title song, 'Baby'.

Currently in 2017, he is working as producer and guitarist of 'My Sunset' with 'NB RANGER - Virgin force's vocalist, 'Choi Seong Wook(PARAN ACE)'. In their first single album title, 'Back then, We', NieN participated as the composer, lyricist and the bassist.  You can feel his delicate emotions in the song.

He cooperated with various musician (Dickpunks, Taehyun Kim, Girls' Generation, Rumble Fish, Son Dambi, ROMEO and others), and worked in their album as composer, editor, guitarist and producer.  He also participated in Korean Actor Jisung's fan concert and SG WANNABE's concert as live session.

He is continually communicating with fans through SNS about his personal music activities and DJMAX.I hope to see more of his new songs and music activities as a fan.

Remains Of Doom


Only for you


Private Party


Leave me alone


Rage of Demon



2008. DJMAX Trilogy

Hello pinky

2004. DJMAX Online