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 Game Music Freelance Composer Production of background music such as animation and CF

Always want to be in others hearts, emotional musician Nauts.

"Moment allowed today,

Repeats disappear with your vanish tomorrow

Don't say love like burnt candle light drawing of you

All of me rests today, so come back"

I like to introduce this artist with lyrics from 'Far East Princess' in DJMAX RESPECT.  When I first listened to 'Far East Princess', I could not stop listening the song for the whole day because of the sadness within the melody lines and heartbreaking lyrics.  This music is Oriental Ballad genre and fans often say the song itself and the BGA are both top quality.  Nauts is probably the only one, who can share this kind of emotion within DJMAX.

Nauts is one of the most representative artist in DJMAX with his 17 years of experience in music.  Stating from 'Mess it up' in DJMAX Online, he participated in Prtable2, Trilogy, TECHNIKA3 and RAY with masterpiece music such as 'Sunset Rider', 'EGG' and 'Alone'.  In DJMAX RESPECT, he added 'Far East Princess' and 'WHY' in his catalog.

'WHY' is a gentle piano genre starting with smooth pianistic melodies.  As the song goes on, you can feel the expanding flow of emotions.  Many of his fans love piano-main songs such as 'WHY', but his major field of genre is orchestra music.  When he starts a project, he said he does not limit the genre but style he thinks as comfortable is music with very sensitive emotions.  When listening to Nauts' music, I tend to think of old memories, that I never really recall in ordinary days.

He is mainly working on gaming music as well as BGM for animations and CF.  He is artist who composed countless gaming music, but he is also working in various musical fields such as producing.  He participated as music and BGM director in SBS TV animation, "Papepopo Memories" in 2014.

Lastly, he commented that he really want to tell the fans."Because of many loves, I have been working in music field for 20 years.  I always work best to leave a 'point' to someone's heart.  Please keep an eye on."

I like to reply to his truthfulness.

We already lost all our hearts to real artist, Nauts.



Far East Princess



2008. DJMAX Trilogy

Sunset Rider

2007. DJMAX Portable2