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Music has power of healing - Artist ND LEE

DJMAX's one of most loved artist under name 'ND LEE' and 'Chang-hyun Lee'.  He has been together with DJMAX since DJMAX Online, 2004.  Some may say, if you don't know ND LEE, you don't know much about DJMAX.  That's because he has left deep impact with many of his masterpiece. 'Every Morning', 'Never Say', 'Yo Max', 'Heartbeat', 'Y', 'Stalker' and others.  All of ND LEE's songs were mega hits, that made him the artist that DJMAX cannot miss.

In DJMAX RESPECT that officially made its comeback, he included two new songs, '2nite' and 'Beautiful day'.  '2nite' is a Funk song that he composed, made lyrics and sung as a vocal.  When '2nite' was first released in DJMAX official, it had optimistic reviews of its dreamy and calm tone that let fans know about ND LEE's color.  Fans especially mentioned that him becoming his own music's vocalist was impactful.  

'Every Morning' which was first included in DJMAX Online is still loved by many fans, and even some fans use the song as the morning alarm sound.  Rhythmic melody lines and both realistic and hopeful lyrics form a consensus with the fans.  

 POP, ROCK, RnB 등 다양한 장르를 소화하는 ND LEE의 감성은 'Beautiful Day'에서 또 다른 감성을 느낄 수 있다. '설레임', '설레임 Par2'의 계보를 잇는 Cute pop 장르의 곡으로 상큼한 멜로디와 가사가 외로운 팬들의 가슴을 설레게 만들었다고.

POP, ROCK, RnB and others.  You can feel a different emotion in 'Beautiful Day' from other emotions than ND LEE's other genres.  It is a cute pop genre that follows 'Heartbeat' and 'Heartbeat 2' with fresh melody lines and heart beating lyrics.  ND LEE is also well known artist in K-POP scene.  He is actively working as K-POP composer and producer away from game music.  As well as composing K-POP 'I am a woman too' of Jang Na-ra, he has been working with skilled vocalist So Chan-hwi.  He also composed songs of K-POP group Infinite and Kara.

As above, ND LEE has been giving fans great enjoyment and happiness through music.  His message to the fans on this interview? "Happy !"  This emotion, happiness can be spread really easily.  As happy as we are when listening to his work, I hope he will continuously be "happy artist".

Beautiful Day





2007. DJMAX Portable2

아침형인간(Every Morning)

2004. DJMAX Online