Artist interview - Mycin.T

TAPSONIC TOP New song "Dreaming for U " Behind Story

Producer and composer of HIGHTEEN from TAPSONIC TOP, Mycin.T

He released HIGHTEEN’s 4th track, ‘Dreaming for U’ to ease our ears and minds.

This new track has very special meaning to it. We invite you to the story of ‘Dreaming for U’ with story of Mycin.T!

Dreaming for U  M/V  -  Mycin.T 


Your tracks from DJMAX and TAPSONIC are really loved by many fans. They call you, ‘all trusty Mycin.T’. 

Have you heard about it?


I often check the responses of my tracks from many community websites, so yes. 

I really thank all the fans :)


I loved listening to Mycin.T’s guitar in the track. Especially I felt the guitar sound in the bridge part made the track even better. Do you usually compose the track based on guitar sound?


I don’t really specify instruments when I start composing. In the first sketch, I usually design melody, codes, rhythm and tempo, then the instrument that fits my sketch gets chosen. Then, I use both keyboard and guitar to make structure.

Based on my earlier sketches,

‘Comet’ and ‘glory day’ was acoustic guitar,

‘Loving U’, ‘Star, Sky, and U’ and ‘running girl’ was keyboard

And ‘Dreaming for U’ was both keyboard & guitar.

Well, ‘Waiting for U’ was surprisingly keyboard.   


All the guitar sound in your tracks are played by yourself. Can you pick one track you like, within the tracks that you played?


Personally, ‘Star, Sky, and U’. The guitar solo was satisfying. Because I was playing ‘JamesTylerStudioEliteBurningWater2K’!!! full option!                     

Also, I prepared a new solo of ‘glory day’ for MUCA Concert, and I was thankful for all the fans who left positive replies.

Hmm~ lastly, there would be guitar solo for ‘Beyond yourself’. I played it, but it was too difficult. If anybody asks me to do it again, I don’t think I can.


In the interview when he was saying the name of the model without stopping/breathing. It’s his way of showing his love for his guitar. : ) We expect your cover plays   

About Dreaming for U


How was the sketch like for the new track, ‘Dreaming for U’?


Ever since last year’s Comet and Loving U, I wanted to make a tribute track for our fans. I was so thankful that fans loved the track and I wanted the new track to have that thankful mind of mine.

First, I wanted the track’s tone to be more delicate than other HIGHTEEN tracks so I asked jam-jam to join this project.

The composing itself took just one day, and process was, me playing guitar and keyboard non-stop and jam-jam adding humming voice.


In the lyrics of Dreaming For U, it’s interesting that you added all the titles of earlier HIGHTEEN tracks, and TOP..! What would be the meaning of the lyrics?


Took a lot of consideration, but I felt it would make fans and us closer if I added the title of Mycin.T and jam-jam’s tracks within the lyrics.

Also I wanted to add my emotions and thankfulness to all the fans of TAPSONIC TOP as well as our other music games  :)

+ Lyrics in the bridge section is made up of messages from the fans. I added a few messages that were personally meaningful to me.


What part of the producing & composing that cared you the most?


Well, as I was working on this project, I had to work as director of Studio LAY-BACk as well. It was hard for me to concentrate. I tried my best to keep my concentration as much as possible.

Also, I spent a lot of time on the lyrics. There were messages that I wanted to send out to the fans, and I also directed the vocals to do so as well.

 In the lyrics, there’s the part where it says, ‘If you’re all by yourself now. I will reach you like warm sunshine and light just you’. I wanted fans to feel a bit of comfort when listening to this track.

About HIGHTEEN Tracks 


Is there any story about ‘Star, Sky, U’?


The song shows that HIGHTEEN has grown a bit more than when they sang Loving U.

When you are in love, you just see the world as the person you are in love with and feel as if you are living in his/her world. I started the song from the mind where when I see the stars, I see my love and sky as well. 

So, ‘Star = Sky = U’.

♬ Star , Sky, U M/V


'Comet' was especially loved a lot by the fans, and I heard it has special meaning to you too. Can you tell us that story?


When I compose or write lyrics, I often make stories. But I sometimes write my story. A real one. Comet holds my story, so it feels really special to me.

I wrote Comet about 9 years ago.

A basement space, as tiny as you could imagine. I wrote a lot of tracks there. 

It was time when I was always confused and thought of my dream called music and reality. I often when outside to watch the night sky, just to relax. One night, I felt a night sky, which only holds deep, deep darkness is kind of like me.

I thought, ‘if only there’s a hint of light’.

That night, I was looking at the night sky then there was a string of light.

Did my waiting reach somewhere?

Times when, to someone, it was a dream, and for me, it was music.

The comet that went through the night sky was my dream and hope.

‘Stay with me, for just a little. Like a comet, shining in the night sky.’


You worked with jam-jam again, after 'Loving U’ and 'Star, Sky and U'.  Is there any special episode?


While making the chorus, finally we created ‘the exact sound’ after so long.

That moment, we were both dancing a little with happiness and smiled at each other.

Also, I worked this project most on jam-jam’s station, and we listened about 3~400 sounds just choosing an instrument. 

After finishing this project, now I feel a bit sorry because I might have harassed her a bit there.

(Ft.jam-jam: Yes, she felt it was really tiring..)

About Mycin.T


Your tracks in TAPSONIC TOP are mostly POP genre. Can you tell us what kind of music you worked on before working in game industry?


I worked in a band ever since I was so young, and I worked as a composer and editor in musicals and pop. 

I also worked in some children’s songs that are supposed to be in children’s textbooks. I think it was one of the most satisfying projects up to now.

When I started a band, I was just a Rock Kid. Watching Woodstock Rock Festival and dreamt about it. I also spent so much time just listening to cassette tape albums of rock bands.

I learned the joy of music and I only enjoyed the happiness so I always felt thankful to music.

‘What joy does this track hold? Or maybe sadness? Pain?’

Regardless of genre, I wanted to listen and understand what music says. Also, I was always curious about the musician’s message that the track holds. That’s how I listened to what the music tells us.

With guitar, I played from band, sessions and some live plays in bars. I often composed or edited for free as well. I just worked on anything that can relate me to the music. 

I guess those experiences broadened my range of music. : )

What is music to Mycin.T?

Best Friend for 20 Years who’s always there’
Sometimes music work is hard and gets old, but it always gives me the happiness.

MUCA   Any last words to the fans?


‘U made who I am now, as well as us.

There were some moments that were disappointing but please, ‘be forever for U and us.’

Dreaming for U!