South KOREA  Rock, Funk, Jazz | Guitar

 DJMAX Series

 NEOWIZ Studio LAY-BACK Sound Director

Artist who wishes to share relaxation and comfort through authentic sounds. Reason why Mycin.T composes.

Currently works as sound director of NEOWIZ Sound team, Studio LAY-BACK.  All of the music works and BGMs of DJMAX and TAPSONIC brands go through Mycin.T before they go live.  Also, he played guitar himself on all of his music works as well as composing, editing and adding lyrics.

As an editor of this article, I like to introduce DJMAX RESPECT's signature piece, 'glory day' as a start.  This work is co-produced by BEXTER and Mycin.T, and Mycin.T worked parts of composing and editing.  As a signature piece expecting to revive passion of DJMAX fans, he decided the music's genre as Rock, and he said he expressed hopes of stepping closer to DJMAX fans with news, revival of DJMAX.

Including glory day, there are total of 7 new music works in the brands: 'Grooving Up', 'Waiting for you', 'Running girl', 'Soar ~Stay With Me~', 'Bullet, Wanted!' and 'Beyond Yourself'.  There were fans saying all of the new songs are showing different genre and color and it's unbelievable that one person composed all these works.  Especially Grooving Up, Disco Funk genre, is loved by fans with fantastic harmony created between retro-style music and BGA.  When he composed this song, he strongly emphasized on melody cords of vocal.

Most happy moment of Mycin.T since launch of RESPECT came when a fan mentioned that he listens to 'Running girl' on the way to work every morning.  This work certainly contains both joy and sorrows of a working person in Pangyo. (NEOWIZ is located in Pangyo...)  This is a song specially dedicated to people tired of everyday life, and he mentioned that he was extremely happy to hear his music gave meaningful time and power to live another day to a fan, and that's why he hope to keep composing a song that would give some meanings to others.

He composed all of the 12 BGMs in DJMAX RESPECT including main title BGM 'Avec Nous!'.  'Avec Nous' is a BGM that you may hear whenever you start to play RESPECT, and it means 'With us' in French.  He wanted to share liveliness of revived DJMAX with fancy and pop-like tune, which came to reason why he had to spend so much time on.  Someone said he had to create 10 demos just for 'Avec Nous'.  It maybe a reason why the music earned countless positive reviews from fans who felt classy sense that Mycin.T expected.

From TerraMycin to Mycin.T.  His nickname from past and present went over tiny adjustment, and they still have identical meaning.  As the essence is the same: him before working on game music, and reason why he, in the present, is working on music.  Even it's just an instant moment, if someone can feel comfort listening to his music, it can be enough reason why he is working in this industry.

At the end of the interview, he wish to send regards and thanks to ned, GOTH, Sinyeru, SiNA - artists motivations and strengths on his way through.  Music is created by who composes the piece, and who listens the work and all people who worked together in the way.  All people who listens to his music are also artists.

Reason to listen to his music?  I wish give it to you.  However, I can assure you if you listen to his music and find out why, then you will always be waiting for his works.



Loving U


Beyond Yourself


Festa Nova 


Waiting for you


Groovin up


glory day


Running girl


비상(Soar) ~Stay With Me~