JAPAN  House, Nu Jazz, etc. | Keyboards:Nord Electro 5D, etc. DAW:Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, etc.

 DJMAX Series


 Game Music Composer & Music instructor

Artist with wide genre spectrum - makou. With top class quality music, grasping fans' heart.

It was sweating work, picking just one song that represents him.  From DJMAX Online to DJMAX RESPECT, he composed over 20 songs and each of them were masterpieces.

If you try to listen to his catalog of works, the limitlessness of genre are unbelievable.  Including Jazz, House, Trance, Electronic, Pop, he showed various genres in DJMAX.  It may be little abstract, but he is skilled artist who showed music beyond what rhythm games have included before.

Sometimes, warm emotion, sometimes tough beat and other times the relaxing mood.  When I listen to his music, I feel each song portraits individual stories in form of omnibus.

'Heavenly' in DJMAX RESPECT(2017) is House genre song composed in bright tone with just melodies and humming.  When listening to this song, it feels like the world is getting brighter, and it's comforting to cheer your tired routine.  Through this song, I experienced what healing music really is.

'Lift You Up' is R&B genre song that meaning of the song and melody forming somewhat sacred atmosphere.  Vocalist ASUKA's appealing ton adds flavors of the music.  At the end of the song, Korean lyric "Hold my hands" excited Korean DJMAX fans.  

'Dream of you' which was first included in DJMAX Online lets you feel another color of his style with Sweet Jazz and 'HAMSIN' from Portable satisfies fan's heart with intensive tone of Trance genre.

It has been over ten years since his relationship began with DJMAX.  We have been together with his music for many years now.  At the end of the interview, he mentioned that he thanks DJMAX fans and the producers that continually cheered him over the harsh days and gave him strength to keep on DJMAX for ten years.

Through this great artist's music, I wish more people to be happy and joyful.  Also I expect more of his music over next many years to come.

Lift You Up






Put'Em Up


Right Now

2007. DJMAX Portable2


2006. DJMAX Portable

For Seasons

2004. DJMAX Online