South KOREA  ROCK | Funk | Guitar

 DJMAX Series

 'Band' P'sycho-Remi 'Vocal and Composer (2008' demolition)

 'Secret, Red House Digital Single Album Release

 ''Only the wound remains'' Digital single release

 "Island," "I Lie," and "I Know You." Digital single release

 'Project' German Blend T-shirt 'activity ('I want to write this rap now')

A strong guitar melody, a harsh voice will make you fall. "Everybody wants to be on your crazy writhe, crazy writhe!"

In DJMAX TECHNIKA series, he was under the name of 'P'sycho-Remi', and since DJMAX TECHNIKA 3, he has been working as LeeZu.  All of his songs in DJMAX series are composed and written by himself.  He also is a skilled guitarist and vocalist.  Usually he composes Rock and Funk songs. 

He has announced his return with DJMAX RESPECT with the song 'Runaway'. 'Runaway' is a Rock genre with impactful sound of drum and guitar.  LeeZu was the composer, lyricist and vocalist of the song.

Talking about impact, we've got to talk about 'Burn it Down' which was in DJMAX TECHNIKA 2.  The song is Industrial metal, and he composed the song with mind to create something that is more tough and fancy after ending his band activities with P'sycho-Remi.  He mentioned that 'Burn it Down' meant special to him because it was first time for him to compose a song for game. If you listen, you will feel the powerful guitar melodies that shake your head naturally. It is almost unthinkable that this song stays just in game.

He participated total of 5 songs in the DJMAX series(TECHNIKA, RESPECT) and participated in various BGM for games.  He released single albums such as 'Secret', 'Island', 'Country Road', and recently he released his first regular album with project 'German Brand T-shirt'.

Also, as a fan of K-pop girl group "Girl Friend", he did a remake of their song with his style and posted on YouTube. The remake is said to have received a lot of hits, and was praised by some fans of "Girl Friend" for being better than the original. Other than that, he frequently communicates with his fans, including personal music, remake songs, and other genres of music that shows LeeZu's style.

His move, which does not stop his new attempt, brings many questions about the upcoming music he will introduce. We can only expect so much.







Burn it Down