LENA makes her comeback with 2nd Single!

'LENA's cuteness will make your heart shake.'

■ Introduce

LENA's 2nd Album is finally here with irresistible charm!
2nd single that will give you a big crush!
The cuteness of LENA will pump your heart.
Don't miss her!


To Be With You
Composed by STARTREK

Track displays LENA's shy smile with light happiness.
You cannot miss this lovely song showing happiness of being with a loved one.
Fill your ears with her voice.

Composed by Lfender

Tired of love, exhausted of work and study. Life being peeled between people.

LENA sends "courage" to our tired lives.

Fly with your free wings with this track!

To Be With You (inst.)
Composed by STARTREK

Sing with your loving heart.

It may get better if you add some cute dance for your loved ones.

We encourage all the love around us!

- Editor  Cow_0 -