Artist Interview - Tsukasa

New song [ Let up ] updated on TAPSONIC TOP!

Let up - Tsukasa


Your new song "Let up" is amazing. I saw the lyrics and felt like it had a message of hope, telling us to keep moving forward without giving up. Can you tell us more about what kind of things you've wanted to share with this song?

今回の新曲「Let up」ですが、とても良い曲だと思います。歌詞のところを見ると、「諦めないで希望に向けて進め」というメッセージを伝えようとしている様に見えますが、この曲に入れたかったメッセージがありましたら、教えていただけますでしょうか?


This might be the case for Japan only, but it feels like everyone became intolerant to any type of mistakes. I've tried to put in a positive message : "Wouldn't you like the world where you don't have to fear making mistakes? Wouldn't you like it if others kept pushing you to move forward and challenge yourself regardless of the mistakes you've made?".  “the rain has…”.

これは日本特有かもしれませんが、昔と比べ失敗を許さない風潮が広がってきていると感じています。失敗を恐れず、また周りも挑戦を後押しするような明るい世界がいいよね、そんな前向きなメッセージを込めました。「the rain has...」です。


What did you pay close attention to when you were making the new song 'Let up'?



Until now, I've translated most of my songs which were originally written in Japanese to English for DJMAX. However, since this song was written in English in the first place, I've paid close attention to English lyrics when I  was producing this song. I usually wrote one Japanese letter per each notes of the melody when I was writing songs in Japanese, but in English, phrases, instead of a letter, were matched with each notes of the melody. So I've tried not to put in too many notes.



 Can you tell us if there were any episodes while you were making this new song? If there weren't any, you can tell us about the episodes related to your songs in the DJMAX series.



I had a tight schedule when I was writing this song, so I wrote it all at once after thinking about the song in my head. It's not about the new song, but I have an episode when I was making ‘The Clear Blue Sky’. When I was recording for 'The Clear Blue Sky' in English, I had to change the melody of the song at the recording studio in order to match the English lyrics. For example, if you hear the beginning of the song in English and Japanese, they're not the same.

今回はかなりタイトなスケジュールでの制作だったので、まず頭の中で楽曲のイメージを固めてから一気に書き上げました。新曲の話ではないですが、「The Clear Blue Sky」は英語版のボーカル収録時に英訳に合わせてその場でメロディを変更したりしましたね。わかりやすい所だと、頭サビの「Clear Blue Sky」の部分等は日本語版と異なります。


haru, the vocalist for "Let up", inspires us with her captivating voice. How was working with haru? Please introduce haru to us.

「Let up」のボーカルを担当されたharuさんですが、聴き惚れてしまうぐらい良い声で

曲との相乗効果が出ていると思います。haruさんとのレコーディング作業はどんな感じでしたか? また、プロデューサーの立場からharuさんのご紹介もお願いできればと思います。


Well, I was blown away by her way of expressing the lyrics when I heard 'haru' sing for the first time. She's a charming person with a powerful voice, and a great smile. We had such a good, and a comfortable time together when we were recording.





Your songs have been loved by many DJMAX fans. When the Japanese fans had heard your new song "Let Up" at the DJMAX & TAPSONIC fan event in May 2018,  they were blown away and very excited. Do you have a specific song you liked the most and cherish? Can you tell us the reason why if you have one?

Tsukasaさんの曲は多くのDJMAXファンに愛されていますが、特に5月に開催された「DJMAX & TAPSONIC」の日本のオフラインイベントで「Let up」を公開した時もとても熱い反応がありました。今まで DJMAXに収録されたTsukasaさんの曲で、個人的に1番愛着がある曲はどの曲ですか?もしよろしければ、その理由も教えていただきたいと思います。


I'm very happy and thankful that my songs have been and are loved by many fans. All of my songs are memorable, but  I like ‘The Clear Blue Sky’ the most. I like this song the most because I  had put in everything that I liked into the song. I didn't have the chance to play this song in Japan at the time but I found an arcade machine when I was abroad, so I tried playing it. However, it was game over as soon as I tried playing the game. (Laughs)


どの楽曲も印象深いですが、やはり「The Clear Blue Sky」でしょうか。





Do you have any last words to the fans?



Thanks to DJMAX, my songs have been heard all over the world.  I'll be producing more great songs, so I'd like to ask you guys for your continuous love and support! Thank you.

DJMAXのおかげで世界中に自分の楽曲を聴いて下さる方が広がり、本当に感謝しています。 これからもより良い楽曲を作っていきたいと思いますので、応援よろしくお願いいたします!

- Editor MAX & JLK-