MUCA's Healing Mini Concert

■ Song List

1:00       Loving You - JNIQ(Tyra)
6:01       Rockabye - JNIQ(Tyra)
9:43       Love Song - JNIQ(Tyra)
14:37    Bang Bang - JNIQ(Tyra)
19:25    Goodmorning Heaven - Sangmi Lee(Eve)
25:34    LOVE - Sangmi Lee(Eve)
29:40    누구없소 - Sangmi Lee(Eve)
34:18    변해가네 - Sangmi Lee(Eve)
39:57    잘 부탁드립니다 - Sangmi Lee(Eve)

■ MUCA's Healing Mini Concert

   On June 14th, 2018, Sangmi Lee(Eve) and JNIQ(Tyra) performed with the Goodmorning Heaven band at NEOWIZ, South Korea. This mini concert lasted for about 45 minutes, and it was held for the NEOWIZ workers  in hopes that it'll be a relaxing and a enjoyable experience with good music.

  Goodmorning Heaven band showed astonishing performance at the concert, making people feel as if they were listening to the recording of the song. Sangmi Lee(Eve) and JNIQ(Tyra) sang with amazing voices, making this concert a great time for everyone. Songs sung at the concert consisted of pop, K-pop, and songs that were in the music games. People who loved music and games really enjoyed the concert  and had a great time.  ( If you take a closer look at the video, there  are people and cars stopping by to enjoy good music and performance.)

   We thank all the artists for allowing busy workers to take a break and heal through amazing music, and we hope that those who couldn't be at the concert would be able to experience the joy and good music through this video.

- Editor JLK -