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 DJMAX Series


 NEOWIZ Studio LAY-BACK Sound designer

Real fresh, starting with DJMAX with genre not like any other.

Talking about GOTH, everyone would may start humming 'KILLER BEE'.  He made fans to listen his music works with 5 new songs in DJMAX RESPECT. 

Before the release, he was first introduced in Official Facebook Page as a member of DJMAX Sound Team.  He started his musical career with disclosure of Ruti'n Remix (BEXTER) in G-Star 2016, and currently working in NEOWIZ Studio LAY-BACK.  Included songs in RESPECT are 'Child of Night', 'KILLER BEE', 'Ruti'n Remix', 'Enter The Universe' and 'The Obliterator'.

'KILLER BEE' is Hybrid Trap genre and the fans say it is very fresh to experience such style of music in rhythm game.  Upon heavy bass sound, GOTH used aggressive synthetic sounds to bring out the theme of the song, and MuChi's rap completed the song.  This song implies the meaning of "death" and symbolizes his belief that there are no high or low levels of life and a human being should abandon the life packaged with pretension and live truthfully. 

All of his other songs show strong colors.  In particular, 'The Obliterator' is BGM of game Wild Gear's boss stage BGM with concept of 'metallic monster gets out from cage and burst'.  This song has darkest and strongest sound within DJMAX RESPECT, and maximized monster bass usually used in dubstep and drum step to express the monster's roar.

The motive of 'Child of Night' was the first time GOTH went to club.  It gave a great impression to him, watching people dance to bursting sound and strong kick and bass.  The title came, as at the darkest night, people crazy in music seemed like children playing in playground named club.  On the intro of the song, the rhythm of the song makes me put my right hand on the sky and take rhythm with my head.  When listening to this song, I feel as if I am actually watching the clubbers dance.

Many fans who listened to his music commented that it was very refreshing. It's a genre that has never been shown in DJMAX, and it has a perfect taste for the maniacs, who prefers this genre. When you listen to music, you feel like jumping up and shake yourself up rather than play it.

Exciting artist to expect the future than present. He is devoting on studying music to create better songs for the fans, and he is trying his best to mold himself in his music.  While this interview, I asked him a comment, then he left such a modest comment: "I can't even dare to say such.  I just thank that my songs are included in DJMAX RESPECT."

I think there must be a story he wants to impart to his fans. The story is in the music of GOTH. So, I want to tell GOTH to give us more present of music.

Enter The Universe


Child of night


The Obliterator


Ruti'n (GOTH Wild Electro Remix from wild gear)




Dance of the Dead