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Enjoy the exciting and cool electronic guitar sounds through the game! (By funtwo)

His message to the fans is already full of excitement.  funtwo was loved so much in TAPSONIC(2011) with 'Canon rock'.There will be more fans who remember the name "Lim Jeong-hyun" which was written in the project. 

He returned to meet TAPSONIC fans with name funtwo, and project 'CANON' in 2017. The song is a electric guitar remake of Johann Pachelbel's 'Canon'  and begins with a composed melody then continues strong electronic guitar sounds. Once again, it changed from the previous Rock version and is loved by many fans. 

In addition, he is showing electronic guitar version of 'Air on G String' (Johann Sebastian Bach) and 'Summer 2017' (Antonio Vivaldi) in TAPSONIC.

Let's find out more about him since we only have heard his songs. As many people already know, he was an ordinary college student majoring in computer science at the University of Oakland. It was all about enjoying music as a hobby. With a self-taught guitar, he uploaded Canon Rock version in YouTube which led to stardom. The video clip was written in the New York Times, and earned the title of "Internet Guitar Magician" with over 90 million hits. It was not luck. His grueling practice is creating his current position.

Since then, he has turned into a career musician in 2012, and has released 10 albums including single and EP albums until 2017. In 2017, he was listed first in the Oakland Rock chart in the indie music site which showed his potential. So far, he has been performing various music activities such as releasing albums, creating visual contents and various concerts. 

Being able to meet his music in a rhythm game is really exciting and pleasant. A wide variety of experiences in the broader world, and doing music globally.  I am confident that we will be able to enjoy in the future with sound of his guitar.

Summer 2017


Air on the G String


CANON 2017