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The latest version of DJMAX series on PS4.

The masterpiece console rhythm game is Back!

Filled with 140+ songs including 46 new songs!

2-PLAYER mode! - you can play with friends now!

Compete with other fans around the world with online mode.

You can watch music video as you play DJMAX game.  

The stories of characters within the music video enriches the music and is loved by their fans.


The main character of RESPECT's opening theme song 'glory day'. (illustration by SHIHYUN)

Reincarnated from the tomb of 'EL'-the main character of DJMAX Portable 1 - thanks to DJMAX fan's prayers. 

Bright and cheerful character.

Gains more power as users give DJMAX more love.

Left hand did not fully recover from zombification.

Gets taken by the left hand as DJMAX has more bugs or disappointed users.

 Can launch guitar from the wristlet sealing the left hand.

"Hold my hand and you'll play DJMAX forever.

No! not that hand, THIS hand!"


The main character from the song 'BlackCat' (illustration by SHIHYUN)

Evil reincarnation of El_Clear who was reborn from the tomb of 'EL'-the main character of DJMAX Portable.

El_Fail and El_Clear has completely different character.  Fail is a more relaxing and easygoing one.Gains more power as DJMAX has more bugs and disappointed users.Appears at updates and DLC launchs hoping for a major bugs.

Momentarily gains power as bugs are found and loses power as the bug gets fixed.Can launch guitar from her right eye.

Brain washes users disappointed at DJMAX so that they play more and find new bugs.

"Look into my eyes and you'll play DJMAX"

Jisoo & Sen


A litarary girl who likes reading and writing.Lives with a Husky named 'Sen' she met on a trip.Currently writing a novel based on her story meeting Sen.Girl 


A character in a novel based on Jisoo's puppy Sen.Was waiting for someone but can't remember who it was.Vaguely remmembers the places they have been to and travelling well at ease.

Puppy Sen

A Siberian HuskyMet Jisoo on her trip and lives with her since then.A cheerful doggy who loves a stroll and snacks.


Darly, the Heroine of 'Running girl'.  (illustration by PUNEW)

A wizard girl working at a game company in Pangyo.Her family name is Kim.

21 years old. A wizard. Graduated top of the class from School of witchcraft and wizardry.   Works at a game company as a fantasy game designer.Likes stars and enjoys oversleeping.Hates working overtime at night.

Sleeps a lot, when lack of sleep, "Mana" gauge also gets discarged.

Bright, cheerful character wanting to develop a game based on star stories but because there was no game company in her own world so she fled to human world and lives there disguised as human.

Had almost blew up the company building with magic trying not to be late at work.