South KOREA  Electronica, Jazz

 DJMAX Series

 Game Music Composer

Skilled artist who delivers sensuous and stylish melodies.

Came to DJMAX RESPECT(2017) with 'v o l d e n u i t'.  I was really happy to see his name in the Track List.It was his first new song since TECHNIKA TUNE(2012) and there was a great deal of pleasure because I couldn't hear him so often.

This new song is Electronica genre, and you can feel different style of Cuve.  The title means "night flight", and when you listen to the song, it feels like travelling space alone.  Voice sampling in the voice delivers feeling of communicating with unknown extraterrestrial being, then song starts to travel through universe.  Traveling softly through dark and silent space, then dodging the danger of crashing against a small planet, watching beautiful milky way, then the story of music ends with astonishing moment of discovering an unknown planet.

Came to think of it, I imagine this song may took its idea from novel 'VOL DE NUIT' by Antoine de Saint Exupery.  Within the space that is portrayed by the music, there maybe B612 where Little Prince lived in.  This is just my personal thoughts about the song, so there must be other stories for each different listeners.  

I believe Cuve's most impressing song to DJMAX fans may be 'Supersonic 2011' in DJMAX TECHNIKA 3.  Cuve was then a member of our sound team, so he participated on remix and the M/V.  The keyboard artist in the M/V is Cuve.  He also created many system sounds.  Total of 15 system sounds in TECHNIKA 3 and TECHNIKA TUNE was created by him.  They were also highly valued by fans.

There is another song I want to introduce here, 'Take On Me'.  When listening, delicate melody lines and sensuous composition astonishes me.  "Let's show everything about me" he said, and 'Take On Me' came out.  Combined different rhythms in four-four house rhythm emphasizes its fanciness and shakes our shoulders.  This song is also included in DJMAX TECHNIKA Q(mobile).

He wanted to meet fans more with new music works, and told us to watch him.  I want to watch him.  Not only that, I would like to recommend to you right now - Go to Cuve's Sound Cloud.

v o l d e n u i t


take on me