BLACK SQUARE DLC behind stories

DJMAX RESPECT production team interview

While we were skimming through the news after BLACK SQUARE DLC pack for DJMAX RESPECT has been released on June 28th, 2018, 
we became curious about the behind stories for the new BLACK SQUARE DLC.
Well, since “curiosity is the essence of human existence”-Eugene Cernan, we, the MUCA team, 
decided to pay a visit to DJMAX RESPECT production team.
It was.. the birthplace of the new BLACK SQUARE DLC! 
MUCA team sneaked into the DJMAX RESPECT production team and asked DumpingLIFE, juking, 7 Sequence, and NB RED couple of questions. 

Art Director

Did you have any difficulties in making the promotion video for the BLACK SQUARE DLC?

- Well, I’ve requested SARA to draw images for the PV this time and from the past experience, I knew that SARA tends to be little late when it comes to finishing the work. So I’ve asked her to draw for the PV long time ago, so there wasn’t any problem.(Smile)

I find the promotion video for BLACK SQUARE DLC personally satisfying because it reminds me of the old BLACK SQUARE opening. Is there any part in the video where you ‘really paid attention to’ while you were making it?

- I think it’s the part where El_Clear was leaving the footprint behind. I’ve asked SARA to make images for me cause I had to make a video out of many scenes since the song was very slow... But she was only able to give me only a few as best as she could within a given amount of time, so I’ve tried my best to make it look smooth. It really was a tedious task since the song was even slower than I thought. I just thought that I should’ve made it in 3D while I was working… (Laughs)

Did you just diss SARA?
No way... SARA is my best friend...


What do you particularly like about the recent DLC?

- Well I’ve actually found the extended version for ‘Here in the Moment’ while I was working, and since this song was never been opened to the public, I was glad that I had the chance to add this song. If there’s any problem with the song, Ruby Tuesday would contact us right? I hope Ruby Tuesday would contact us through this opportunity.(Sob)

Through patch 1.14, Always(game Yogurting’s OST) by Shinji has been added. Has it been added because you like Shinji?

- No, no way! Never.(serious face)
I’ve always wanted to put in different IP resources from previously serviced games/services as a content, so I’ve requested many other songs as well. But I’ve got an approval for this song, so that’s why I’ve put this song in the new DLC.(When we were considering to put this song in the game, TAPSONIC World Champion had done it before us T_T) We were worrying about putting it in since it had no note sounds but as an experiment, we’ve decided to just put it in. I thank BEXTER for editing this piece very well. 

7 Sequence
Pattern Designer

People are saying that this DLC is particularly difficult compared to the other ones. What do you think?

- Well I’ve been expecting to work on this DLC for a long time so I think I worked maybe little too hard on it. I have a lot of affection for this DLC so… (haha..)
I’ve tried to make other normal/hard difficulty songs more difficult compared to the other contents. I would like all the players to think of the hard difficulty as your new goal, and the new area as an assignment for that goal.

I think this DLC must’ve reminded you of the old memories. How was it?

-  Well I had fun working on the BS again in 10 years. It felt like I was opening up a treasure box while I was working. It was memorable for me to find the old contents and look them up online while I was fixing them. I’ve organized complicated parts and added contents where it was empty/necessary… I hope you guys like it cause I’ve put in a lot of work to it.

NB Ranger RED
Game Designer

I’ve heard that there was a special reason why Link Disc mission has been added for the BLACK SQUARE DLC. What is it?
-  Until now, there were 2 missions per chapter for the previously released DLCs, but since BLACK SQUARE was originally made for manias, we’ve tried to keep the same concept. I hope all the fans and  manias would really challenge themselves to clear the missions.(Laugh)

I think this DLC reminds us of the old BS a lot. What did you care the most when you were making it?

- Some of you may remember the RD Colosseum mission in the BLACK SQUARE. If you clear the mission, Live Miracle video had come out and played.
Well, there is also RD Colosseum mission in the new BS DLC, and if you clear it, a special video will come out as well.
I hope you guys get reminded of the old memories and be moved/touched by the new DLC.(Smile) Check the special video in the game!