I'm into that song these days

(This is the story of DJMAX fan BROKENPASTEL)

We're All Gonna Die - Composed by Paul Bazooka
We're All Gonna Die - Composed by Paul Bazooka


The first DJMAX experience for me was, on the Online days and I was 1st grader, so it has been way over 10 years since I have known DJMAX!
It was rhythm game I loved since I was a kid but when I was a student, I couldn't afford to go to arcade so often, and I only found out about arcade rhythm game when I was in high school so I learned really late on Technika, and was not able to play it. I also didn't have PSP so there was not much chance to play DJMAX series after DJMAX Online and Trilogy, therefore, news of DJMAX coming back with RESPECT was an incredible news to me.

Waiting for a day and a day, watching the teaser movies of new tracks of RESPECT, there was a song that grabbed my heart at once.
Incredibly dark atmosphere and BGA that DJMAX doesn't usually offer..
The title literally saying "We are all going to die" upfront and the track's unique atmosphere that chokes my brain stunned me so I watched that 10 seconds on the teaser movie over and over again.  Tens and hundred times every day.
Then when I first listened to the full version on the web page, I felt, 'I want to know the last part of BGA!', 'I need to play RESPECT just for this song!'.

I waited for July 28th, 2017 listening to this track over and over waiting for RESPECT.
The day of release, I remember myself searching over YouTube and Twitch to see the BGA and patterns of this track. (At that time, I didn't have PS4.) I cannot forget the thrill that came to me when I was finally able to watch the play video of this track for the first time.

BGA and the track was perfect for my taste and the patterns were even more difficult than I expected. 

The every aspect of this track was satisfying and my love for this track obviously went up as well.

Listening to the track and watching the play video and BGA, I felt 'I WANT TO PLAY THIS' and finally I bought PS4.

Oh, and also I remember, the first action I pulled after buying RESPECT was to play 4B Arcade and this track came out on the 3rd Stage.  

I was so happy that I immediately tried MAXIMUM and even though I watched many play videos, this pattern was so much harder than I thought that I barely cleared the track at that time.

Though, the fact that I can play this song made my days and after I got to lv.44 and unlocked this song, I kept playing this song like mad man.

Even today, every time I turn on RESPECT, I play this song at least once or twice.  The day this track gets down from No.1 in my play count? I couldn't imagine that. Ha.

I don't really know why, or how I got so possessed to this track but I guess I kind of liked the philosophy(?) of this track where 'all the livings(human, 

animals or plants) get to die at one point' and the fact that the track, BGA pretty well describe that mind set.

Especially I never expected this type of "I will kill you all" song from DJMAX...
From now on, I hope to meet this track armored with super duper hardcore level in other MUCA brand games as well!

We're All Gonna Die... Anyway, MAY AS WELL ENJOY YOURSELF!

We're All Gonna Die Official M/V

- Editor MAX-