Hello, this is PD BEXTER.

There were people who wanted to hear mixed tracks that I used in last G-con, and personally I also felt bad that I had to cut in the middle because of scheduled time of the conference as well, so I decided to upload the tracks via MUCA page.

In the conference, I prepared DJMAX tracks by style. Just to be sure, this list of tracks does not mean that I think them to be representing DJMAX. I listed tracks that may show the most meaning when they are listed by styles. To be honest, some of them represents my tastes though.

Also, I thought it would be better to disclose these tracks in full album type. This way, I think fans could listen to the tracks better, rather than just uploading mix tracks.

I send infinite Respect to DJMAX Musicians who created such wonderful tracks, and we will provide and show wonderful tracks in the future.

Thank you.

- Editor  MAX -