DJMAX Series



 NEOWIZ Artist, Producer

Announces the return of DJMAX RESPECT as an artist and a producer.

I don't even know how to start this article.  Under BEXTER's name, there's so many stories to talk about.  From DJMAX artist, to lead producer.  It is so hard to define who he is, under just a word.

It has been very long time since he has been with DJMAX.  Starting DJMAX Online, he has shown popular songs such as 'Syriana', 'Forever', 'Ruti'n' and in DJMAX RESPECT, he added 'glory day' and 'Black Cat'.  RESPECT is his decision to keep on DJMAX as producer, and rebirth as an artist.

What would 'glory day' mean to him.  When we were recording the song, he showed us the lyrics and said, "This is for the DJMAX fans".  He thought what he could do before the release of RESPECT.  Through music, the song made for fans gave people throb and with Visual Artist DumpingLIFE's video, the emotion was perfected.  When the first M/V was first released, a lot of the fans who came in contact with this music and music video got deep impressions.

As reborn of DJMAX after long silence, and written as the dedication to the fans, I do not think the review of 'glory day' is not that important.  If you know what this song really means.

One of BEXTER's song that fans love is 'Forever'.  This song was written in his hard times, and in his interview, he mentioned that he wishes this song could be a comfort to many people.  He composed and wrote lyrics, and you will be fascinated by beautiful melodies and heart-warming lyrics.

Popular 'Syriana' has been added in DJMAX Portable 2, and when it was released as promotion BGM, it made a big hit.  Strong guitar sound and JC's powerful rap was enough to call this song a masterpiece.  This song was a big footstep for BEXTER as an artist.

Before he started working as rhythm game artist, he used to play in a band.  His main? Bass.  When playing as a seesion, he fell into jazz and funk, but his relationship with the god father of Korean Rock, Shin Joong-hyun got him into keeping his soul for rock.

In the interview on 2016, I remember him saying "my next song?" when I asked him about favorite song of his own.  Those songs are now 'glory day' and 'Black Cat', and I wonder if they really became his favorite.

He says he wants to give positive energy to people through music.  He is actually a bit shy so it is hard to see him other than official interview or events.  I just wish we can spend more of BEXTER through music.  Then, we could comfort ourselves with his music.