Interview - Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra

Behind story of End of Mythology

End of Mythology - Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra


First, could you tell us how you have composed “End of Mythology”? What stories are there?

Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra:

This track is telling the memory of ‘Alice Schach’ and ‘God’

Title says “The End of Mythology”,

And in the track, Alich Schach who have been walking the mythical stories, meet God at the end of Mythology.

Their story shows Alice Schach, meeting God who is all tired up and cannot continue his/her myth,

Thinking that she will continue writing new myth by herself.

The message that we wanted to tell was, “Life of a person is a myth by itself.”

One is always a god to the one’s life, so we wanted the one to keep living and creating one’s own stories.

 Also, life maybe hard, but we hoped one could keep even little bit of hope.


The lyrics are written in ‘Alice’, so we introduced in Korean, Japanese and English. Many fans were wondering about this, “Alice’.

Could you introduce Alice Schach character and the world she lives in, and the language, ‘Alice’?

Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra:

“Alice Schach” is the main character of the story.

We, the composer group, is the “Magic Orchestra.”

Two combined, create our group, “Alice Schach and Magic Orchestra”.

All works from “Alice and Magic Orchestra’s” are made of stories related to Alice Schach.

Alice Schach has some dark past, but living the moment with her fullest heart.

In the world of Alice Schach, ‘Alice’ is the common language.


This track feels like it’s a chapter of Alice Schach’s adventures. We wonder what adventure will Alice Schach go through next, after writing a new mythology.

Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra:

Alice Schach will go through even deeper adventures.

In many places, she experience various new things and

Alice Schach will learn happiness and everything in the world only exists within herself.

I think on the adventure, Alice Schach will go to adventure where Alice Schach visits the inner self.


Was there any parts of the track that you took special care to when creating this track?

Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra:

We tried to create a track showing what we can do best at the same time where we have to create a track based on DJMAX’s traits.


In one of your saying, the word, ““Life of a person is a myth by itself” felt special to us. So you have sent message to spread out hope, and we think many musicians often express their thoughts through music. What would music mean to Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra?

Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra:

To us, music feels to be in the same boat to us, one cannot be spread apart.

Also, music consonances with each person’s life and each time it is born again regardless of the regional borders. It’s a strange and mythical being.

I don’t really know how Alice Schach thinks of “music”. (smile)


Many fans have told us the music video fits the track’s atmosphere really well. How did you feel about the music video?

Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra:

We really thank NEOWIZ created with such a wonderful interpretation of lyrics.

In the music video, it showed something like a story of a cat meeting a girl,

And we felt as it was a chat between “human” and “destiny”.

All of our members earned courage feeling from the message where if a person does not give up and live his/her best, one will reach the future one desires.


When did you start music, and why?

Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra:

Each member of the group composed and sang over 10 years,

And as “Alice Schach and Magic Orchestra”, we were active starting on 2017.

All of the members lived with music since we were young, so we came to express music lively as possible.


It was your first time with DJMAX. How do you feel about DJMAX?

Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra:

It was a great honor for us.

DJMAX has its consistent style of collaborating music and video, and we felt it is wonderful.

We are also active at converging music with visuals, and it was very stimulating chance for us to be involved.


Lastly, could you send a word for DJMAX fans?

Alice Schach and the magic Orchestra:

We thank to the fans who always helps us and fans that newly found us. All of the fans gave us various ideas and comments.

For DJMAX fans, thank you so much with such a warm welcome.


Especially for Korean players, we welcomed us kindly, it was a happy moment to connect with you. We felt with this chance, we could communicated with Korean users and visit Korea in near future.

Thank you so much.

In the future, please play our track whenever feel like it or feeling gloomy.

Also please visit “Alice Schach and Magic Orchestra” as well.

■ Official Hompage http://alice-orchestra.com/

■ Ofiicial Twitter  https://twitter.com/Alice_Orchestra

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